Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!2012!

We had a great Halloween this year to! This is around the time my phone broke so the cute pics I took of the twins w their friends, I can't get posted:( Luckily I managed to have a few before it broke. The twins LOVED Halloween this year and all the activities. We did Boo at the Zoo and a great Trunk or Treat up w my friend Brooke and her kids,which the twins loved! They hit a few neighborhood houses after as well. It was so nice having a warm weather Halloween! They also had a fabulous Halloween party at school and Mia had one at dance as well:)) I also ran the Provo Halloween Half Marathon the weekend before w some friends, it was a great run and lots of fun w all the costumes.

More Summer fun!!

Just posting a few random cute pics from the rest of the summer! We swam alot,played alot,and had a great summer!!:))

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Swim lessons and soccer! :))

The twins also finished their second year of swim lessons and loved them! And Luke played AYSO soccer and did a great job and I think he really liked it!

Soooo far behind!

Soooo far behind and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to catch up! I'm gonna try and remember everything we've had going on since 4th of July,but I'm sure I'll forget plenty. Gonna try and combine it all in a few posts. In August we went up to Fairmont Hot springs in Montana for Dax's bday, it was a lot of fun and the twins LOVE every second they get to spend w their cousins and Grandma and Grandpa! I also did the Grand Teton Relay again this year (which I swore last year I'd never do again)Love that I was talked into, and I'm gonna say I won't do it again next year......but I probably will;) It was 24 hours,12 of us and about 19 miles,in the back country,and 90 degrees,but looking back we had alot of laughs to. In Sept. the twins started their second year of preschool w Miss Becky,who they ADORE! They have a great class of kids and go 3 days a week,they absolutely love school and I hope they always do!;) and sorry,my pics are in totally no order at all! But at this point I'm lucky their even on here!!!:)))

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July!!

We had another great 4th of July this year! It's so fun now that the twins are a little older to see how much they LOVE the 4th! They had a blast at the parade,and then we did some waterslides and slip n slides at some of our great friends parents house,then to the The Elmore's house again this year for our annual barbque and illegal fireworks that Trav picks up in Alpine!;) (the 4th is also Trav's favorite holiday!) It's like I have three 4yr olds that day!;) ha! We ate way to much and stayed up way to late celebrating Independance Day!! Just how it should be on our Nations Bday!!:))

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A pic from Mother's Day!:) (SO behind):)

I just wanted to get a pic from Mother's Day on here for my mom,we had a great day up in Island Park w my side of the family. The twins and Trav spoiled me,and I spoiled my mom!;) I feel so lucky to have been given the VERY best mom and Grandma, and best friend in the WHOLE world!! Love you mom!!:)))

Thursday, May 31, 2012

All that's Jazz!!:)))

I'm SOOOO late doing a birthday post for Trav!  It was his 34th and luckily the Jazz made it to the playoffs!! We decided to take the twinners to their first Utah Jazz game w us and stay the weekend in SLC. The twins LOVE to take trips and stay in hotels and they love the Jazz so they were SO excited! Even though the Jazz lost to the Spurs,theres nothing like a playoff game at Energy Solutions,the loudest arena in the NBA! Their was a million things going on  and tons of fabulous food and they gave out playoff towels to everybody. I of course was worried cause the game was a late game at 8:30,but the twins loved it!!!....until about halftime then they were bored and over it!ha! I took them out to the indoor playground and tried to let Trav watch some more of the game,but we all ended up walking back to the hotel and catching the rest on tv:)) It was a fabulous weekend and I think Trav had a pretty great 34th!! We had some yummy food and I even managed to sneak some shopping in;))) (we all know Trav HATES to shop!;))) We did the Discovery Center the next day for the twins which they always love to do when we're in Salt Lake to!:))) Here's to hoping the Jazz make the playoffs again next year for Trav's bday!!! He's SOOO hard to buy for,so Jazz tickets are always perfect!!!!;)))) Happy 34th babe,we LOVE you!!:)))